In November 2020, Optimizer1 opened her optimized studios to let everyone see her personal progress of optimization. It was a blast and we are positive, that there will be a second chance for all of you future optimizers, who couldn´t make it.

(© European Patent Office installation view exhibition “START-UP” 2019)

The Optimizer are @"Home"

Meet our Optimizers @"Home" and get an insight in their own way optimization.

You can find us now on!

Come find us and Optimizer1 on and get an insight in our daily inspiration.

Pop-Up Bar 

We started launching products at Pop-Up Bars 2017 with the SAUNA event at Maximiliansforum Munich. At these bars, visitors can try out a bunch of products and get in contact with Optimizers and our company and start their Optimization at the spot. Contact us for more information.

Public Presentation